About Us

Ferncliff Investments, LLC “Ferncliff” is led by and staffed by seasoned investment management and banking professionals with extensive experience in the valuation, risk management, financing and securitization of mortgage related assets. Ferncliff is uniquely qualified to value and manage the acquisition or sale process for these types of assets, as its management was active for over 20 years as a principal investor through the investment portfolio activities of Hanover Capital Mortgage Holdings, Inc., a mortgage Real Estate Investment Trust from 1989 to 2009. Ferncliff’s principal investing expertise is further strengthened by several decades of valuation consulting, structuring and sales assignments for private and public sector clients ranging from the FDIC and Federal Home Loan Banks to commercial banks and insurance companies spanning a wide range of asset types.


The Ferncliff acquisition and advisory group “Ferncliff Team” has valued over $200 billion of loan assets and sold billions in loan assets since 1989. The team’s market coverage and experience can provide clients with information in determining the value for the loan portfolios of all asset classes and provide for a thorough understanding of the local market and asset specific characteristics that might impact performance.


The Ferncliff Team is comprised of key employees of the former Hanover Capital Partners 2, Ltd. (Hanover) which was founded in 1989 to specialize in the analysis and placement of mortgage loans, servicing rights and other forms of secured and unsecured debt. The Hanover platform brings dozens of years of Capital Markets, Originations and Loan Operations experience gained at large investment banking firms and lending institutions coupled with 30 years of portfolio investing in residential whole loans and securities, as well as marketing and valuing whole loan portfolios, mortgage servicing rights and residential mortgage backed securities, structuring portfolios into public and private securitizations and providing due diligence services. The Ferncliff Team has performed all services for previous employers as buyer of whole loans, agency MBS and private securitizations as well as for the government and private sector clients in the last five cycles of economic and real estate upheaval