John Burchett


John Burchett

Managing Director - Mr. Burchett brings to Ferncliff over four decades of senior management experience in major Financial Institutions across investing, acquisitions, asset management, and risk management.

From 1989 to 2010, Mr. Burchett was the Chairman, CEO and President of Hanover Capital Partners (HCP), HCP2, and Hanover Capital Mortgage Holdings (HCM). The company successfully completed its IPO in 1997 and traded on the AMEX and NYSE/AMEX. In 2009, Mr. Burchett successfully merged the company into Walter Investment Management (WAC), a publicly traded from on the NYSE/AMEX. Hanover’s core investments returned over 20% on equity from 2001 to 2006 and Hanover’s investment arm ran a private investment fund with outside equity investors that returned over 40% from 1993 to 1997. Hanover’s financial advisory business grew to 250 employees and was the prime contractor for the FDIC and RTC.

Prior to Hanover, Mr. Burchett served in various capacities at large financial institutions including Bankers Trust Company where he was responsible for creating the Mortgage Finance Division; and Citibank where he co-headed the Mortgage Finance Division and created CitiMae one of first Private label mortgage conduits which issued Billions in CitiMae Securities. Prior to these roles, Mr. Burchett served as a Chief Financial Officer for City Federal Savings and Loan Bank and a Vice President at Industrial National Bank of Rhode Island.

Mr Burchett holds an MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business (1970) and a BS in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from the University of Rochester (1965). In addition, Mr. Burchett served in the U.S. Army, is an Artillery OCS Honor Graduate and was awarded a Bronze Star for service in Viet Nam in 1967-1968.

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